Now, a lot of people wonder what console commands are. So in order to clear it out, these are basic commands that are used to enhance the game experience for the player by providing features that are different from the basic game experience. These help the gamer in using different executable tasks and accomplish them.

Subnautica Console Commands

Subnautica is a brilliant open-world game that is appreciated all around the world by a lot of users. It is a great game and is basically based on personal survival which provides a real-life implementation. There are certain commands to carry out different deeds in the game which is what we are going to discuss over here in a very simple and systematic manner.

Subnautica Console Commands

Now, the commands used in PC, Xbox One, and PS4 are not so different but all the commands don’t work the same. Subnautica was basically launched on PC and then it made its way up to the consoles but the cheat codes or as you may call it, “console commands” are the same. The only thing that differs is that, in order to use these commands, we first need to enable the console which is disabled initially, and then we need to bring up the input box which differs in all three.

Bringing up the input box

Bringing up the input box


It can be brought up by pressing the Enter, “~”, “Φ” or “Ö” keys depending on the keyboard layout or the country. If you wish to see the previous commands or if you wish to scroll through entered commands, press the up or the down key. Once you get to the desired command, press Enter.

In Xbox One

To bring up the input box, press LB along with A and RB. If you wish to add a seventh “Developer” option, in order to promote an easy use of the console commands, press the button with three arrows, one beneath the other, and then press LB along with RB.

In PS4

In PS4

To bring up the input box on a PS4, press the X button along with L1 and R1.

Commands on Xbox One and PS4

Commands on Xbox One and PS4
  • Oxygen: Gives infinite oxygen
  • Radiation: Blocks radiation
  • fastbuild: for building faster
  • nodamage: makes you nearly invincible by blocking damage
  • nocost: building and crafting requires no cost
  • madloot – to receive cool items for free
  • spawnloot – receiving lower-tier loot
  • daynightspeed [number] – setting the time speed of the day/night cycle
  • day – changing the time to day
  • night – changing the time to night
  • item [item name] [amount] – Spawning an item in your inventory
  • spawn seamoth 1 – Spawning a sea moth
  • sub cyclops – Spawning a cyclops
  • spawn exosuit – Spawning an exosuit
  • biome [name] – Teleporting to that biome
  • warpme – Teleporting to safety
  • allblueprints – Unlocking every blueprint
  • unlock [blueprint] – unlocking a specific blueprint
  • speed – Changing your movement speed
  • goto [name] – teleporting to a specific location
  • warp [x][y][z] – warping to a location
  • warpforward [meters] – warping forward to a particular distance
  • spawn – respawning nearby
  • kill – for killing yourself and respawning on the lifepod
  • spawn [item] [amount] – spawning an item or a creature in front of you
  • clearinventory – for deleting your entire inventory
  • subaurora – spawning an Aurora behind you
  • seaglide – spawning a seaglibe
  • vehicleupgrades – provides every common vehicle module
  • seamothupgrade – getting all sea moth modules
  • exosuitupgrade – getting every prawn suit module
  • exosuitarms – getting all prawn suit arms
  • resourcefor [item] – provides the resources for the building of a certain item
  • ency [name] – unlocking a specific databank entry
  • bobthebuilder – adding a survival knife, repair tool, scanner, and a habitat builder into the inventory, it even sets of some other commands
  • fastgrow – the growth of plants increases
  • noenergy – toggles power usage
  • nosurvival – to not need food and water anymore
  • invisible – for being ignored by all creatures
  • fastbuild – instant module building by using the habitat builder
  • fasthatch – hatching process of the eggs becomes faster
  • fastscan – makes the scanning process faster
  • filterfast – increases water filtration speed
  • fixleaks – seals the aurora from radiation leaks
  • unlockdoors – unlocking all doors except the ones that have to be cut down by laser cutters
  • cure [range] – cures all creatures including you, in a specific range of Kharaa
  • infect [range] – infects all creatures including you, in a specific range of Kharaa
  • countdownship – starts the countdown timer of Aurora
  • explodeship – blowing the Aurora up
  • restoreship – restoring the aurora back to its previous state, i.e. before it blew up
  • startsunbeamstoryevent – initiates the given story event
  • sunbeamcountdownstart – initiates the sunbeam countdown
  • forcerocketready – start the rocket without the disabling of the quarantine enforcement platform
  • entreset – reloading all the assets excluding terrain
  • gamereset – loading the last save point
  • farplane [amount] – setting the view distance
  • fog – toggling fog
  • freecam – for toggling free camera
  • fps – for seeing FPS and other stats
  • sizeref – for spawning a diver model
  • vsync – for turning vsync on or off

These are most of the commands that are helpful in Xbox One and PS4.

I hope I was able to make you aware of these console commands for Subnautica. There might be a small number of commands missing from the list so forgive me if that’s the case. If you have any queries, addition or correction for these commands, please drop a comment. If the content was helpful, please leave a reply on the post. Any type of criticism is warmly welcome.

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