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    Why you need Surround Sound Gaming Headset

    Surround sound is not only good for enhancing the feel of the game; it also gives the gamer an extra sense of direction and allows them to immerse into the game fully.

    So what is surround sound?

    It is the technique that’s used to enrich the quality of sound reproduction from an audio source (in this case, the game sounds) with extra audio channels from speakers surrounding the listener.

    The market presents a range of audio configurations, including:

    • 1.0, which is commonly referred to as the mono sound – this configuration uses a single speaker and is not popular in gaming because it cannot give the gamer any spatial awareness.
    • 2.0 or the stereo sound features two speakers and can provide the gamer a decent spatial awareness. This configuration leverages the fact that speakers are on both sides of the listener to deliver a better experience.
    • 2.1, works the same way as the 2.0; however, it has a dedicated subwoofer. This additional feature enhances the perceivable bass and delivers a more immersive experience.
    • 5.1, this one includes a subwoofer, and five speakers set up around the listener. This arrangement offers an excellent spatial awareness, thanks to the more speakers involved in the process.
    • 7.1, this is a complex system that includes a subwoofer and seven speakers for even exceptional user experience.

    Surround headphones

    As a gamer, you definitely want an out-of-this-world experience while playing. You also do not want any interference from within. The best surround sound gaming headset is an incredible choice because it allows you to lock out the outside distractions from across the room.

    Top quality gaming headsets integrate the 7.1 audio configuration technology to ensure users fully immerse into the game, and get better results.

    Virtual surround

    All stereo headsets can produce virtual surround; however, there will be a distinct difference in the quality of sound depending on how good or bad the headphones are.

    Based on your preference, you can select wired or wireless and open, or closed-cup designs surround sound headsets. You can also pick one with round or oval ear-cups, and with leather or other material finishes. Whichever one you settle for will solely depend on what you prefer. However, your guiding rule should be that the headsets are well built, and includes incredible features that will not just enhance your experience but also contribute to your winning. And when it comes to this, the best surround sound gaming headsets take the day.

    The simple fact that you can listen to almost all the virtual sounds in the game and pick up the cues makes quality headphones a worthwhile investment; because they give you edge over your competitors. And that’s what you want as a gamer.

    However, you should be cautious of where you are purchasing your headphones. Many vendors parade themselves on the internet claiming to sell genuine surround headphones, but in reality, they don’t. Be sure to shop from a trusted online retailer.

    Final word

    Note that open-back headphones are perhaps the best option for the surround sound headphones because they trap the sound in the ear-cup, and also allows a portion of it to escape, giving you a more natural experience.

    Tips for Selecting the Best Gaming Mouse for you

    Picking the best gaming mouse can be challenging these days. The market presents wide-ranging mice options, from different manufacturers each presenting loads of various features.

    Mice are incredible for gaming. However, for the best effect and experience, you need to get the best one. The problem with mice is that what works for one person might not work for the next. So it can be difficult even to know where to start in picking a mouse that matches your needs. In this article, we give you tips for selecting the best gaming mouse, that’s right for you.

    The first step should be for you to establish why you need the mouse, and the kind of games that you prefer, whether its RTS, RPG or FPS games. You’ll have the hardest decision to make if you’re a first-person shooter (FPS) than if you like the MMO or RPG games.

    Laser vs. Optical

    The Sensor is the engine or heart of the mouse and is classified into three types: optical, infrared and laser. The laser is perhaps the most famous design and works incredibly well with different surfaces. However, it seems to have higher lift-off distance when compared to optical mice, which can be problematic when the mouse reaches the end of the mouse pad. When you raise the mouse to reposition, the laser sensor continues to read the surface until when it’s more than a centimeter away from the surface, and this is often reflected into the in-game movements. This can be a bad thing, especially if you’re in the middle of the gunfight. For this reason, professional gamers opt for the optical mouse and use a quality heated mouse pad for the optical sensor to accurately read the surface.

    Wired or wireless

    Wireless mice minimize the tangling of wires on the desk. However, since they depend on the radio waves to transfer signal to the receiver, their cursor response tend to lag (delay). The advancement in technology has seen the launch of high-speed wireless mice, but if you need a speedy response, then the corded mouse should be your best bet. Besides, wireless mice rely on batteries and can leave you hanging at an inconvenient moment. But if you prefer the wireless mouse, then you can go for those that feature a detachable USB to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Claw Grip VS Palm Grip

    There are two ways of holding a mouse – the claw grip where you hold it by the tips of your fingers and is (somewhat) raised through the surface of the mouse pad (ideal for small & light mice). Then there’s the palm grip where your palm rests on the mouse and drags it across the mouse pad, and it favors the large mice. Some mice will allow you to use both grips, but most of them are more appropriate to one or another. You can even find mice with interchangeable grips, that lets you switch to your preferred grip. For a better experience, you should get heated mouse pads that will allow you to easily move the mouse with your chosen grip during the game.

    Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Gaming Keyboard

    Gaming keyboards come with highly specialized features that a standard keyboard doesn’t have. They are versatile and are designed to cater to the demands and layout of gamers.

    Mechanical switches, anti-ghosting, N-Key rollover, macros... if you’re just getting started with gaming, it can be overwhelming. Trying to learn about the rules of the game, the gadgets, terminologies and all that goes into the game can be intimidating. If it’s any consolation, even the best players were once like you. So, little by little, you’ll be there. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right gaming keyboard.

    So is a gaming keyboard worth it?

    Standard keyboards are great, for essays and emails, but if you’re planning on getting serious about gaming, then you’ll need proper tools of the trade. You’ll realize that competitive players only use highly specialized keyboards, and it’s because they deliver reliability and high-performance, even with repeated heavy use.

    While features like hyper-futuristic designs and flashing lights make the gaming keyboard special, they do so little in enhancing experience, so they shouldn’t be your guiding factors when searching for electronic keyboard online. Crucial aspects to consider include:

    • Build quality
    • Switches
    • Anti-Ghosting (Key Rollover)
    • Price
    • Macros and software Customization

    Anti-Ghosting or Key Rollover

    This is the measure of the number of keystrokes your keyboard registers at one go. Most basic keyboards provide one or two Key Rollover, so if you press more than two keys at once, it may either register the additional keystrokes or not register them at all. A quality gaming keyboard, on the other hand, allows for more than six-Key Rollover, which is ideal for simultaneous keypresses for most gamers.

    Build quality

    Gaming involves a lot of hard pressing. You want a keyboard that’s responsive, and that’s made to last. Every once in a while, you may find yourself hitting the keyboard; you don’t want something that will break to pieces, or stick in the button.

    Gaming keyboards are specifically designed for gamers, and they can withstand frantic button smashing, occasional rages.

    Top quality keyboard has metal backplates that remove the risk of breaking or bending. They also feature ultra-durable plastic or metal housing around the keyboard components to support and protect the circuitry and switches within. This superior plastic is not only water resistant, but it also is built to last.

    Macro and software customization

    Imagine being able to reprogram the keys functions. Gaming keyboards come with software that allows you to register the entire sequence of mouse clicks and keystrokes. This is an essential feature as it lets you activate multiple abilities or skills with a click of a button. Some keyboards even feature extra unassigned keys designed for macros.


    In gaming keyboards, the cliché “you get what you pay for” can be true. However, this doesn’t mean that you fall for flashy marketing. Sometimes, a $70 keyboard can perform the same way that a $100 one. Purchasing your electronic keyboard online can ensure you get the best deal because the vendors don’t incur overhead costs as with physical stores. Buying online is also convenient as you get to compare plenty of options before making your choice.